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Grow and run your business all in one place
Maximise results across the business


Fledge suite comes packed with sales identification tools and a Business class CRM


Marketing automation, marketing attribution and Marketing insights - identify your sales


CRM, workflow tools, project managment, sales tracking - all you need to run your business operations

Identify More Leads

More than just IP tracking, identify existing customers and new prospects from existing marketing and sales efforts.

Marketing Outreach

Packed with tools to identify more new and existing customers and confidently attributing marketing to sales

Business Insights

All your critical data in one place, allows stakeholders an unprecedented view on their business data.

Fledge Suite

Fledge Suite

Fledge suite is an all-in-one business platform designed to grow business bringing the analytical marketing sales and operational approach usually reserved for large blue chip companies. Fledge suite allows marketers and business owners a huge advantage when using the marketing, sales and operational tools available within Fledge. With not only advanced marketing automation technology but superior analytical software that allows you to analyse and identify marketing activities to sales and track that sale through your delivery teams.

Get Far Better Insight

Fledge brings all your marketing sales and operational tasks into a single platform, meaning all your team are working together on one perfectly managed data set. Everyone across the business see's the same data as everyone else in a single easy to use system all in real time. From marketing analytical data, sales data, product data, operational task data, all in one place.

Making Better Choices

When you have access to all your company data in one place, your business can not only identify better leads and grow but you can better manage all aspects of your company through informed information instead of guess work.

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Research your potential and current customers
Know more about the customers needs than they do

Fledge allows sales people, business owners and stake holders to gain far better insight into customer behaviour than ever before. With visitor data, IP data, customer interaction data, mail list click throughs and opens, social campaign tracking, product purchase history as well as your workflow, ERP and CRM.

With all this data working together sales people can target the best lead from new and existing customers and business owners have crystal clarity view on their business data.

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Anything is Possible When Your Data Works Together

Marketing Automation

Powerful Marketing and scheduling Software - Make your marketing work for you

Lead Identification

Identify visitors even before they pick up the phone

Sales Tools

Pull together all of your tracing and tracking data to build a leads list, you didn't even know you had

Journey Tracking

Understand what your lead wants and was looking at before you speak to them.


Use your sales tools to track lead right through the sales and delivery life cycle


Know precisely what is working and not working to ensure your site works to your goals


Keep Customers happy by tracking your tasks through sales and operations - deliver on time without hassle

Knowledge Base

Document - well anything you want with a customer OR internal facing knowledge base

Heat Mapping

What exactly is happening on every page? - supercharge every square inch of your website

Landing Pages

Get the right message accross ensuring the correct message is displayed optimised by specific campaigns

IP Tracking

Know exactly what company a visitor is from

Content Tools

Bring in customers by educating them with content - ensuring they trust your brand

Fledge  Suite

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