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Identify New Customers

Research your potential and current customers
Know more about the customers needs than they do

Fledge allows sales people, business owners and stake holders to gain far better insight into customer behaviour than ever before. With visitor data, IP data, customer interaction data, mail list click throughs and opens, social campaign tracking, product purchase history as well as your workflow, ERP and CRM.

With all this data working together sales people can target the best lead from new and existing customers and business owners have crystal clarity view on their business data.

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Identify Potential Customers BEFORE they contact you

Identify Potential Customers BEFORE they contact you

The first step is to promote your business, FledgeSuite comes fully packed with marketing software. From the production of your website, social marketing, SEO tools, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising - FledgeSuite has everything included to promote your business.

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Fledge and it's powerful tools needs to be setup by a supplier, we'll try to find one for you as close as we can, fill in the contact form and we will match you with a Fledge Suite agency who will be happy to help

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